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Working with Contagious Solutions is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. We concentrate on the user interface your customers want and the processes you need to provide them with unparalleled user experience in the quickest, most efficient way possible. By coupling precise management methodologies, a user-centered design approach, and innovative development operations, we get things done.

Agile Management

Modern projects require modern management capabilities, and Agile is the fastest growing, most utilized management methodology out there.

User-Centered Design

You can build using the greatest techniques and technology, but if the user can't use utilize it, what purpose does your design truly serve?

UI/UX Development

Speaking of technology, when you couple that user-first mentality with the newest, most cutting-edge development tools, you have the ultimate solution.


We help traditional Dev/Ops and Cross-team communication meet innovative approaches and implementations to create true end-to-end products.


Our services cover business analysis and requirements gathering all the way to development operations and automation. We help realize innovative solutions in order to develop modern applications. Contagious Solutions identifies the appropriate staffing needs, manages the people and the technology, and designs for your end goals and users, while utilizing only the best methodologies and technologies available for your project. Contact us today to learn how Contagious Solutions can better serve your business!

  • Business architecture, development and analysis
  • Requirements identification and creation
  • Project planning and management
  • Agile, Scrum, and Kanban implementation and management
  • User centered design concepts and creation
  • User flow, persona identification and path analysis
  • Usability research, user sessions and planning
  • User experience application and design
  • Modern user interface development and methodologies
  • UI development using modern languages including, MEAN
  • Dev/Ops planning, management and implementation
  • Functional quality manual and automated testing

Management Team

With 20+ years of combined experience, Dave Reed and Scott Stanton have set out to change the way applications are being built. So often, projects are looked at only as dollars and cents, or people in seats and hands at keyboards. Without truly understanding the need and identifying the appropriate solution, most projects can easily run away, suffer scope creep or completely fall off the rails. We at Contagious Solutions strive to be the change the industry needs and to accomplish the goals that you desire.


Co-Founder & Innovation Maven



Co-Founder & Experience Champion



Our list of partners is growing everyday, and we would love (with your permission, of course!) to add your name to this list and show how proud we are to have worked with you on your project's needs.

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Contagious Solutions is always looking for new, excited, solution focused candidates to join our growing team! Send an email to careers@contagious.ly with your cover letter and a resume and we will reach out to you shortly, or visit our careers page to view currently open positions.